Where Do Squirrels Go When It Rains? Here’s What They Do!

When it rains where do squirrels even go to take shelter? Do they take shelter? We are going to tell you all about where squirrels hide out when the weather is gloomy and rainy.

Where do squirrels go when it rains? Squirrels do what most animals would do in this type of weather. They would seek shelter, usually in hollow trees or leaf nests in the branches. In hollow trees, squirrels would get more protection from rainfall compared to the leaf nests, this would be the safer option. 

You may have other questions similar to Where do squirrels go when it rains. For example, do they still get wet in the tree or nests? Or, do squirrels mind the rain, well we’re going to answer most other questions including these. So, let’s go through them.

Do squirrels get wet in trees or nests?

Usually, in hollow trees, they will remain quite dry depending on how far into the tree they are, however in open leaf nests sometimes younger squirrels can often get very wet because the nests are too out in the open. 

This is why squirrel nests – known as dreys, are often built in a ball shape with an opening so that the baby squirrels are under some form of cover. 

Do squirrels mind the rain?

If it is raining lightly and not very strong rains you might possibly see some squirrels out of their nests because they do not mind a small amount of rain, baby squirrels will not venture out because they’re too young to leave the nest. 

If the rain is a bit heavier then adult squirrels might use their tail as an umbrella – usually, if they’re going out to get food for their pup, kit, kitten (their baby) – unless they have enough food stored already.

african bush squirrel caught in the rain
african bush squirrel caught in the rain

Where do squirrels go during storms?

Squirrels will seek shelter just like they do when it rains, but will usually not go out. They would likely hide in the hollow trees more than in dreys because in a storm the winds will be stronger and might destroy them.

What happens to squirrels in hurricanes? 

Sadly squirrels aren’t that safe in hurricanes because the strong winds can blow away the drey, with the squirrels inside, or diminish the supply of food. 

Will squirrels hide in man-made structures when it rains?

If it suddenly starts raining heavily squirrels would usually have a second or third nest but if there are none nearby, the squirrel may hide in the first type of shelter they can find but female squirrels probably wouldn’t stay there for long because she would go to check on her babies. 

They may take shelter in their second or third nest for emergencies such and heavy rainfall or hiding from a predator.

squirrel sheltering from the rain
squirrel sheltering from the rain

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So to finish…

Squirrels tend to take shelter in a tree or drey when it rains to keep themselves dry, and mostly in a hollow tree when the winds are strong and destructive, to prevent getting thrown out of their nest and potentially injured. Otherwise, any shelter or alternative nest is always an option.

We hope this has been helpful in understanding where squirrels find shelter when it’s raining or in a storm.

Squirrels don’t usually stray that far from the drey, so a quick dash back to the nest is usually the best option. If not, then they’ll seek suitable shelter nearby.

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