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Welcome to the part about us, and about Ranger Planet. Hopefully, you found my site during your inquisitive pursuit of the great outdoors.

About Us and Ranger Planet

michael chamberlain ranger planet

Michael has long been a lover of nature and the wonders of the natural wildlife world.

As a certified Ecology and Ecosystem enthusiast and a self-confessed “nature journalist”, Michael likes to study wildlife and discuss them at length concerning their natural habitats, behaviors, and more. With a view to simplifying and educating.

While out and about in the living world, he realized there’s such a wealth of flora and fauna to discover, which raises so many interesting questions about our rural habitats and the variety of creatures that live there.

With Ranger Planet, Michael wanted to answer these burning questions, and focus on the kind of wildlife every day people might come across on their travels in the wild, on safari’s, and in their back yards – not just the media-driven sensationalist topics that grab headlines.

The importance of wildlife and ecology education

With the alarming rate of extinction occurring, particularly over the last 30 years, and destructions of natural habitats like the Amazon rain forest, he strongly felt education was the answer. As a former teacher himself, it seemed the most obvious way to contribute.

extinctions red list
extinctions red list

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Proceeds from the site will go towards projects designed to educate the young and regenerate natural habitats.

With the help of some qualified veterinary and other specialists, Michael set about spreading the knowledge! So you’ll find here plenty of answers to your questions regarding Wildlife that you want to learn more about.

Introducing our Specialists and Content Contributors…

Dr. Qais Al Dwairi

Dr. Qais Al Dwairi

As a Veterinary practitioner, Dr. Qais joined rangerplanet providing his valuable services as a qualified Veterinarian.

Dr. Qais is a the lead practitioner within our editorial team and ensures we adhere to our editorial policies, providing professional and factual verification and representation of our content.

Madeha Chaudhary

Madeha - Qualified Veterinarian

Madeha is a Veterinarian. She’s recently completed M.Phil Clinical medicine and now works as a “Community Animal Health Officer” at Brooke International Organization. In her spare time, Madeha is an advisor and content writer for Rangerplanet.com.

Ahmad Muhammad Ahmad

ahmad - veterinarian student

Ahmad is studying a B.Sc in Veterinary Medicine, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary medicine) at Faisalabad, University. Ahmad also creates content and advises for rangerplanet.com

Victoria Yange

Victoria Yange - ecology and habitat advisor

Victoria brings a number of advisory skills to rangerplanet, she holds an M.Sci. in Crop Protection and a B.Sc. in Agriculture.

Fran Nash

Fran Nash

Fran is more of a nature enthusiast than I am! So combining her passion for writing and photography, she continually contributes great content and wonderful images to ranger planet.

I’m proud to have a team of people who not only support this site, but who are writing and contributing about their passion to help maintain the momentum of awareness and education in nature, wildlife, Ecology, and the great outdoors.

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