100 Cute Rabbit Names and Their Meaning, Not Just a List!

Are you starting a new journey of keeping a rabbit pet? I’m so excited for you! You must be looking for cute baby rabbit names. There are entire studies around names and why they have meanings. But really, it’s about what it means to you and your baby rabbit!

There’s more to a name them it just sounding cute, often you want it to reflect the little rabbits character … or maybe their name will shape their character – who knows. Either way, I’ve looked through them all and brought to you the top 100 Rabbit names and their meaning.

Bringing home a pet brings joy to your life, it brings out the caring and nurturing nature in all of us. Be sure to also check what rabbits are actually called based on their age and gender.

The foremost thing which every pet lover struggles with is ‘What shall I call her? And that’s another exciting part of having a pet.

You want to find a good, unique, cute name for your pet rabbit, and here we are with the top 100 names that have actual meaning behind them. Now you can tell your friends, “his name is Snoopy because he’s always curious”.

Here are the names, good luck…

100 unique and cute rabbit names and it’s meaning

It feels incredibly delightful to call your pets by their name, and they respond immediately when they hear their cute tones spoken.

rabbit names

Here is the list of suggested names for you, along with their perfect meaning for your darling kits…

Unique rabbit names for male rabbits

1. Lucky: It means good fortune happens to you. This name could be your lovable male rabbit name. He may well bring good luck with him.

2. Finn: (fair) this adorable name is for those who are both intelligent and brave.

3. Teddy: Teddy refers to a cute, soft toy bear. It gives a sense of cuteness to call your rabbit teddy.

4. Gucci: Gucci has several meanings like fancy, fashionable, good, excellent. This feature makes this name amazingly great to keep as a rabbit name. 

5. Milo: Milo means dear or beloved. This adorable name is the perfect male rabbit.

6. Benny: means blessed, with good fortune, so it goes with both male and female rabbits.

7. Coco: stands coco palm. This super cute name goes exactly for male rabbit pets.

8. Harley: means meadows. This cool name also goes for the male rabbit.

9. Shadow: means shade from the sun like other names. This is a beautiful name too and perfect for a shy kitten.

10. Rusty: means red-headed and is a charming name.

11. Joey: mean “God will” give a very rare and cool name for a rabbit, With Joey god will bring you joy for sure.

12. Peanut: typically means groundnut but senses as a small cute and fluffy toy pet, maybe he likes sniffing and digging. Can also be applied to a small rabbit.

TIP: Think about your rabbit’s character…

If you’ve had your baby rabbit a short time already, then think about their character. What stands out to you about how they act or behave. Are they naughty, talkative, quiet, or just plain pretty? Then consider choosing a name that represents their character best.

More unique rabbit names for male rabbits

13. Allison: means noble, and it goes for your male rabbit. As the name suggests, he would be noble and meek, a delight of a pet.

14. Charlie: means “free man”, though it is one of the common names for male rabbits, yet it sounds great and appropriate for house rabbits or those with lots of space.

15. Austin: refers to “majestic” for a male rabbit. Ideal if he’s the king of the rabbit pen and may exalt your happiness and luck.

16. Bart: means “bright shining”. This is a beautiful name too. Your bunny would be sure to be intelligent.

17. Axel: “father of peace” this attractive name can be a great identity for your male rabbit if he’s calm and considered.

18. Bobby: “bright fame” and is a charming name. Super name if his cute behavior catches everyone’s attention.

19. Bron: “brown” as the name says, you can put this lovely name to your cute brown male rabbit.

20. Bryan: “honorable” like many, this is a beautiful name too, particularly good for well-behaved rabbits.

21. Bryce: someone who is very fast and quick goes exactly with your charming rabbit.

22. Carlo: means “strong. It is an excellent name for your rabbit. He would likely be energetic in nature

23. Casey: refers to alert. He may grow up as a caring pet.

24. Cayle: meaning bold’. This name also looks lovely to call your kit if he’s friendly to new people.

25. Cyan: “a greenish-blue color” this delightful name gives a scenic image and would suit a male or female rabbit.

Send in your rabbit name and picture

Why not send a picture with your rabbit name on it and why you chose the name. Once I have enough I will create a gallery in this article of all the cute names you chose, maybe it will inspire others to find their perfect meaningful names. email to hello at rangerplanet.com

rabbit names - harley loves meadows

26. Dallas: “clean sight” because of its meaning. Many of us like this name for our male rabbits if they have beautiful eyes.

27. Danny: “God is my judge” is a suitable name if your rabbit looks regal, like a king.

28. Eric: “eternal ruler” can be an exquisite name if he’s one that rules the rabbit pen.

29. Felix: “fortunate, happy name of the saint” is also admirable for male rabbits, particularly good if you rescued him.

30. Finely: “fair hair warrior” and is a great name for a male rabbit that is a little bit playful.

31. Fredrick: “peaceful ruler” is one of the adorable names for your rabbit who is the strong but quiet and fair ruler of his pen.

32. Hardy: “strong, brave, daring”, as the name says, is the dazzling and masculine name for a cute male rabbit.

33. Henry: “ruler of enclosure” is a very common but handsome name for male rabbits, the name speaks for itself.

34. Jack: “someone good in health”, a perfect name for a rabbit with great stamina, perhaps a larger rabbit might suit this name too.

35. Jason: “a healing” goes perfectly for your male rabbit who brings only calm into your life.

36. Jasper: “treasure bringer” is a unique name for a male pet rabbit, he’s as lovely as a gem.

37. Justin: “righteous” is a brilliant name male pet rabbit, particularly a well-behaved one.

TIP: Say the name out loud…

After you’ve thought of a name, say it out loud to yourself and others, not just in your head. Names appear to have greater meaning when spoken aloud.

You might choose a name like trifle if it’s a small baby rabbit. But when you go shout it out loud in the backyard, I might quickly realize that you just sound like you’re crazy about eating trifle!

More unique rabbit names and their meanings (male)

38. Kevin: “someone who is eternal handsome” and is a tremendous name male rabbit pet.

39. Luis: “famous warrior” is the famous and intelligent name for a male rabbit, perhaps he’s a rabbit that doesn’t like being handled much!

40. Steven: “crown” is also a very brilliant and fabulous name for a rabbit, perfect for a royal-looking rabbit.

41. Snoopy: “curious” is a short and simple masculine rabbit name and perhaps one who tries to get into everything.

42. Thumper: “fictional rabbit character”, a favorite childhood rabbit name, who doesn’t know this name. Does your rabbit fidget and move a lot? Then maybe this is the name for him.

43. Bob: “fame” is a short and smart name for a male rabbit. Everyone knows him, and everyone likes him.

44. Freddie: “peaceful ruler” is an attractive masculine rabbit name. For the shy, yet friendly, peaceful rabbit.

45. Bucky: “little buck” for a male rabbit is a cute name. Maybe he’s a lot to handle sometimes

46. Buster: “tough guy”, another unique name that suits male rabbits. Perfect for a rabbit that talks the talk and walks the walk.

47. Archie: “bold, brave” adorable name perfectly suits a male rabbit that investigates everything.

48. Chester: primarily a male name of English origin means a fortress. He’s always there waiting.

49. Harry: “army ruler.” Perfect if he tells you what to do and nudges you out the way!

50. Eb: the word Eb is associated with “light”. It’s such an attractive name for a masculine rabbit.

rabbit names - Snoopy loves looking out the window

Unique and cute names for your female rabbits

1. Ava: “Eva –life the loving one” as the meaning says, this could be one of the admirable names for your female rabbit.

2. Badra: “full moon, pretty” is the perfect name for a gorgeous female rabbit.

3. Alice: “noble or of nobility” is also the magnificent name for a female rabbit 

4. Alyssa: “sanity” also goes with the female rabbit effortlessly.

5. Amy: “beloved” is a beautiful name and suits your female rabbit.

6. Bella: “beautiful”, as it sounds feminine, is an extraordinarily cute name for female rabbits.

7. Bety: “God is perfection”, like other names. It is also a delightful name for female rabbits.

8. Briana: “strong” this exquisite name can be of great identity for your female rabbit, this name almost seems like the name of your best friend forever.

9. Cady: “simple happiness” pleasing names like this are unique, who wouldn’t want a rabbit that means pure happiness.

10. Candy: “bright sweet” you surely want to keep this name as it is short and cute and would be perfect for a playful rabbit.

11. Caroline: “strong” looks super lovely when pronounced correctly.

12. Christina: “follower of Christ” is also the ubiquitous and intelligent name for female rabbits.

TIP: Gender neutral names…

Be careful with names. Only name your baby rabbit properly if you know for sure of its gender. Sometimes it can be hard to tell until it’s grown a little bit older. If you’re unsure, then choose a gender-neutral name, then it will always work fine.

More unique baby names and their meanings (female)

13. Clara: “bright or clear” and is a unique name for a female rabbit who is both pretty and intelligent

14. Daisy: “the daisy flower, days-eye” is a gorgeous name for female rabbits, oh she would be so cute!

15. Delcy: “flower sweetness” is a delightful name for female rabbits, perhaps she has such a cute voice.

16. Della: “graceful” is an exquisite name that gives a perfect perception of elegance.

17. Dora: “kind, gift of God” is a well-matched name for a female rabbit that was a gift from others. 

18. Deena: “divine” is a pretty adorable name for a female rabbit, such a well-behaved little rabbit.

19. Hailey: “from hay meadows” gives a feeling of peace and is perfect for a female rabbit.

20. Eve: “to breathe, live good, news” is another beautiful name for your little cute female rabbit. Perfect if she brings calm and relaxation.

21. Fiona: “white or fair” is a highly magnificent name for a white female rabbit.

22. Freya: “lady”, meaning it is definitely for a female pet who acts like a real lady.

23. Ashley: “one who lives in an ash tree grove” is a perfect name for a rabbit that can roam free in your backyard.

24. Hanah: “full of grace” is one of the most gracious names to keep, perfect if she is indeed full of grace.

25. Hazel: “hazel tree or hazelnut” like its meaning, a delicious name for a female rabbit, but don’t feed her nuts.

Example of a rabbit picture and name sent in

rabbit names - Deena because she's so well behaved

26. Iris: “goodness of rainbow” aww, a cute and lovely name for a girly rabbit. maybe you found her just after a rainstorm.

27. Ivy: “faithful” is a short and smart name to keep. Maybe she only likes to come to you.

28. Jasmine: “a flower which is white and sweet scent” no need to describe this adorable name.

29. Jessica: “someone who has remarkable foresight”, a wise kind of name, maybe she’s sneaky and streetwise.

30. Julia: “youthful” is another exciting name. Perhaps she just never seems to get older.

31. Lyla: “beauty” is a very attractive name for a pretty rabbit.

32. Lily: “flower or pure” Maybe you got her in spring, or perhaps she just loves being among the flowers.

33. Luna: “moon” reserved for female rabbits that act cool and distant.

34. Megan: “pearl or capable” for a female pet. When she’s curled up she looks like a shiny pearl.

35. Mia: “wished for a child” is a simple name, and she’s your little baby … right?

36. Naomi: “delightful sweetness” – Isn’t she just that!

37. Olivia: “olive branch” is associated with a plant and is a great name for a rabbit who approaches new people easily.

38. Norah: “honor” and is a gracious name for a female pet, particularly a well-behaved one.

39. Pamela: “all honey sweetness” for female rabbit, this a sweet name.

TIP: Rabbit names can be based on times and events

We can consider naming our pet rabbit based on events at the time we got them. Storm or rainbow might be based on what the weather was like. Maybe Spooky – if you got her around Halloween. Perhaps the name of the place where you got them from, like Dallas, or Montana.

40. Queenie: “queen” who wouldn’t want to use this name, particularly if she rules the rabbit pen.

41. Ruby: “precious stone” Perfect if she’s a bright and shining little gem of a rabbit.

42. Stella: “star” can be another perfect name. Maybe the stars were out when you got her.

43. Sophie: “wisdom” is a perfect name for a rabbit. Ideal if she’s a streetwise kind of girl!

44. Natalie: “sunrise or born” lovely name for a girl who you found first thing in the morning.

45. Zoe: “life” this name is perfect for a rabbit who has boundless energy.

46. Milly: “dear” as the meaning says an adorable name for female rabbits, perfect for a rabbit that loves snuggles.

47. Lucy: “light” as reflective of its meaning. This name is also lovely for the one who is a ray of light in your life. 

48. Kylie: “beautiful” is one of the most common names for female rabbits.

49. Jacey: “attractive” is undoubtedly a cute name for a pretty rabbit.

50. Gracie: “kindness or mercy” goes exactly for your adorable and delicate female rabbit who just loves being with you.

rabbit name - milly means dear

More rabbit names help…

So there you have it, not just a list of rabbit names but a list that has meaning behind it. Plus some ways to add meaning to your rabbit’s name.

But this is just the start, it’s only 100, I’m sure you can think of many more names, but at least, hopefully, with the help of this article, you’ll be able to think of the meaning behind them.

Be sure to check out my other articles, and don’t forget to send in a picture of your rabbit (landscape) with your chosen name and meaning, once we have enough we’ll add a gallery below.


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